We're celebrating 35 years of providing unmatched estate liquidation services.

Liz Ryan Estate Sales, Omaha NebraskaFor 35 years, Liz Ryan, founder and owner of Once Upon a Time Antiques and Once Upon a Time Estate Sales,  has been a valued consultant to a variety of Nebraskans, including many of Omaha’s most prominent families, on their estate liquidation needs.

Liz, originally from New England, specializes in general line antiques, art, jewelry, silver, etc., as well as all things contemporary. Along with consulting on and organizing full-scale estate liquidation and relocation sales, Liz operated large antiques shops in Las Vegas and in Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood.

A “typical” estate tag sale goes something like this. We consult with the estate to discuss the feasibility of an estate liquidation. This initial consultation is free of charge. After reviewing the contents of the estate, a percentage of the gross sales is determined and agreed upon by both parties. The contract is signed. We begin our unique work of setting up the home like a showroom for a three to four day estate sale. We are also able to customize our services for the client’s needs. This includes but is not limited to consignment sales and relocation of items to combine with another estate. We will access a national network of colleagues who provide opportunities for liquidation outside of the Omaha area.

Liz is known for her attention to detail and the care and consideration she demonstrates.

Much of our business is through word of mouth. We can provide referrals from clients who are enthusiastic about describing their wonderful experiences with Once Upon a Time Estate Sales. We clean and price each and every item of value in the home. To make sure that items sell at fair market value (in the secondhand market), we do thorough research. On behalf of the estate, we provide additional advertising in local newspapers and on highly trafficked websites as well as professional signage on the roadways near the sale location.

What helps set Once Upon a Time Estate Sales apart from its competitors?

Our dedicated team are knowledgeable, engaged, courteous, and fun-loving. For security reasons, and to help guide longtime customers and people who are new to estate sales, all our estate sales are well staffed and service-oriented.

Thanks to Once Upon a Time Estate Sales, hundreds of area families have realized the benefits of having a trained and trusted professional provide excellent service in a niche market.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Liz Ryan directly.

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